Haiti's Hand Print

Spread the word. Share the work. Give an opportunity to a Haitian student to attend University as well as empowering the work of our artisans.

Over the past years, Haiti’s Hand Print has created job opportunities for Haitian artisans by featuring their products for sale online.  As we look to expand the variety of fair trade "like" products offered online, we are partnering with Reginald Legros and Trina Wagnac Legros.

Like Miquette Denie-McMahon, Reginald and Trina desire to see the empowerment of the disadvantaged population in Haiti through viable employment and income generating activities.  They relocated to Haiti in 2016 and share the vision and mission of Haiti’s Hand Print.  In addition, their appreciation and value for the dedicated workmanship of local Haitian artist creates an opportunity to identify more disadvantaged artisans with the talent create and share their craft via Haiti’s Hand Print.

As we partner to expand the line of products, we will also introduce items for the local tourist.  The profit generated from such products will go towards grassroots community projects that foster the agricultural and educational development in Port au Prince and rural villages.  Join us on this journey of expansion by sharing our story and purchasing these items to support our mission.  Thank you.