Haiti's Hand Print

Spread the word. Share the work. Give an opportunity to a Haitian student to attend University as well as empowering the work of our artisans.

Meet Our Artisans

Fritz Calixte is the sole provided for his family. He supports his wife and their three children and considers himself a family man.  His metal work is his primary means of income, but is also his valued craft.

For the past 27 years Fritz has been learning and perfecting his metal art technique. He currently shares a workshop with his brother. Although the pieces Fritz makes are exquisite and unique, he still struggles to make ends meet.

The local market in Haiti does not provide enough opportunities for Fritz and many other's like him to flourish.  Artisans like Fritz are vital to the culture of Haiti and they are the core of Haiti's Hand print. 

“I do the metal work for the love it. I would do it even if I never sell a piece because doing this work of art is my passion.”  -Fritz Calixte, Haitian Metal Artisan